Tuesday, July 19, 2011

77-Year-Old Congressman Saves Daughter by Tackling Armed Attacker

This is how it's done. Representative Leonard Boswell heard a scream from another room Saturday night.  Running in, he came face to face with an armed thug brandishing a gun.  Mr. Boswell's daughter was on the floor, the assailant having assaulted her just moments before.

Recounting what happened, Boswell stated, "There was an assailant, with my daughter on the floor, hand on her throat and a gun to her face."  At 77-years-old, one might think that Mr. Boswell would stay back against an aggressive man with a gun.  No dice.

"I did what probably other fathers or parents would do, or any of you," Boswell said, "I went after him."

Boswell ran at the robber, tackling him with such force that the 77-year-old congressman actually broke a rib. Despite the injury, Mr. Boswell wrestled with the criminal until his grandson grabbed a shotgun.
Tackled Assailant So Hard he Broke a Rib
The assailant then broke free from Boswell's grip and fled.  As of yet, the criminal has not been found.

Update-  There are grumblings that some of the aspects of Mr. Boswell's story are embellished, but they are, at this time, wholly unsubstantiated.

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