Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Utah 2012 Senate: Chaffetz vs. Hatch

HT: Salt Lake Tribune

Delegates to the 2012 Utah Republican Convention will once again have to decide between sticking with the tried and true U.S. Senator or going with the ideological and untested challenger, because Representative Jason Chaffetz almost definitely will attempt to knock off Orrin Hatch next year.

After months of speculation, mostly fueled by supporters, the two-term Tea Party favorite has called several Utah political insiders and informed them of his plans to run against Senator Hatch, who has served for thirty-five years in Congress and briefly ran for President in 2000.

This comes only one year after Utah's Tea Party movement ousted Senator Robert Bennett at last year's Republican Convention, which was followed very closely by political bloggers and pundits, for Constitutional law attorney Mike Lee.

I don't who will win next year, but I absolutely support Senator Hatch's bid for re-election. His decades of principled Conservatism and honorable service are the only reasons I need to proudly proclaim: vote Hatch 2012.

One thing is for certain: Utah will once again be fun to watch next year.

What say you?

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