Monday, June 13, 2011

US Stops N. Korean Missile-Technology Ship Headed for Burma

Burma is a rogue state that has not received much attention on the world stage. The military dictatorship has at least polite ties with both the People's Republic of China and India and has largely stayed to itself, even while oppressing its own population. However, there has been more talk of the mineral-rich nation (called Myanmar by its leading junta) building a nuclear program with the help of North Korea.

Now we see that the relationship goes even deeper. Two weeks ago the United States turned back a North Korean vessel apparently carrying missile technology going to Burma.

Gary Samore, special assistant to President Barack Obama on weapons of mass destruction, told South Korean media that the ship may have been bound for Burma carrying small arms or missile-related items.

North Korea is subject to United Nations sanctions designed to curb its missile and nuclear programmes.

Of course, the North will deny sending anything but toys and medicine but this is just another provocation made by the North.

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