Friday, June 03, 2011

Unemployment Rises to 9.1%

America's unemployment rate rised "unexpectedly" in today's Bureau of Labor Statistics report to 9.1%, which we have not seen since earlier this year, because 105,000 folks left the workforce last month - due to continuing discouragement about the country's economic situation, which no-one can really blame them for having.

54,000 jobs were added last month, but that figure was influenced by the 28,000 local government workers that were cut. Accounting and bookkeeping services added 18,000 jobs; health care services added 17,000 jobs; computer services added 8,000 jobs and mining added 7,000. Manufacturing lost 5,000.

There is some good news in this monthly report, but the fact our unemployment rate has gone up the past two months and over 100,000 Americans have left the workforce, once again, tells me that economic hardship is far from being over.

What say you?

P.S. - After 22 months of searching, I was hired by a seasonal tourist attraction in Upstate, New York. Keep looking everyone - there's a job out there for you.

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