Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Representative Boren to Retire

Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK 2) announced earlier today that he will not seek a fifth term in the House of Representatives next year, because he has had quite enough of the "constant campaigning" that elected officials are almost required to do now.

Mr. Boren, who is Oklahoma's only Democrat lawmaker in Washington, is one of the last real Conservative Democrats serving today. He has largely opposed President Obama's legislative agenda and he even refused to endorse his fellow Democrat during the 2008 election. Obama lost all of Oklahoma's 77 Counties.

He was also one of the few pro-defense, pro-war Democrats left in office today.

I am glad to see another Conservative district open up for Republicans, but I am also very sad to see one of the brave Democrats, who have supported the War in Afghanistan since the very beginning, regardless of President, leave Congress.

What say you?

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