Thursday, June 23, 2011

President Obama Decides to Release 30 Million Barrels of Oil From Petroleum Reserve

The United States has a moderately large Petroleum Reserve in case of a national emergency.  For example, if the world decides to cut off our oil, weather or natural disaster prevents the US from receiving oil for an amount of time, we are in a time of total war, or various other emergencies.

One reason that we don't have a reserve for:  polls.  President Obama has decided to release 30 million barrels of oil from the reserve for, what he says, are disruptions in oil production from Libya.  You know, the non-war that has been going on for several months.  And now he has decided to release oil?

Clearly, the reasoning that the administration is giving is anything but truthful.  And anyway, I thought that we should be protecting the environment?  Regardless of the hypocrisy, the reasoning is clear: his polls falling because of high gas prices and a stagnating economy, President Obama is looking for a quick fix.
President Obama
Apparently, he doesn't understand that we have reserves for times of crisis, not low opinion polls.  Heaven forbid we need it, because the President has decided to waste it.

Oh, and I thought that drilling in Alaska wouldn't alleviate oil prices, but releasing oil will?  ObamaNomics at work.
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