Thursday, June 09, 2011

Open Thread: Non-Terrible Democrats

Okay-- for our several regular readers, I'd like to open this thread. Can you think of any Democrats at the national level (House, Senate, Governor) that are still active in politics that you do not consider a terrible public servant?

I know it may seem like a stretch but out of a population of 300 million in this country, there must be one Democrat that isn't insane, dumb, or corrupt (and is still alive).

Let me start off a list with a few remaining Democrats with some sense:

- Joe Lieberman, CT
- Tim Johnson, SD
- Andrew Cuomo, NY
- Dan Boren, OK

Help me out if you can think of any by listing them in the comments.

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  1. can't agree with any of your choices. Jane Harmon wasn't so bad. Lieberman - no scruples. Johnson - don't know of him. coomo - are you kidding? he's the mitt romney of the democrat party, the gilded lily, if you will. Boren - don't know of him but he's got to be bad if he's still holding onto the (D) after his name.

  2. Boren refused to endorse Obama in 2008 and is strong on foreign policy.