Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The International Committee of the Fourth International Hates Fracking Too

In a post yesterday I noted an interesting coalition that is forming around opposition to natural gas production and hydraulic fracturing in the United States and around the world. Wouldn't you know that today I come across this:

US gas industry refuses to release crucial data on hydrofracking. It is front page news at the World Socialist Web site. The name speaks for itself, but if you want to know this is a site published by the International Committee of the Fourth International. You can read the article if you wish, there is nothing new there. What I found very interesting though is the Fourth International.

This is deja vu all over again.From the website of the International Socialist Group ~ British Section of the Fourth International (emphasis added):

We stood firm to our double motto "the emancipation of the workers will be the work of the workers themselves" and "socialism will be international or it will not exist."

Of course many of the predictions made by Trotsky when he founded the Fourth International were proved wrong by history. But what was absolutely vindicated were his key political judgements, judgements which remain key to guiding our activity and analysis today.

- That it was necessary to have a political revolution in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (The theory of political revolution)

- That the Third International could no longer be reformed and it was necessary to build a new one (The Founding of the Fourth International)

- That the only solution to the poverty and degradation in the colonial countries was socialist revolution - that the national bourgeois’s could not be trusted to play a progressive role (The theory of Permanent Revolution)

- That given that in most situations the majority of working people will follow their traditional leaderships it is necessary for revolutionaries to attempt organise action around slogans that these leaders - be they social democratic or Stalinist - cannot but support. Within these broad campaigns it is then more possible for revolutionaries to gain an audience for their ideas. (The theory of the United Front)

- That in order to win political leadership it was necessary for revolutionaries to adopt an approach which built bridges between demands raised in the immediate struggle and demands which pointed towards a socialist solution. (The method of the transitional programme)

Organizing action around slogans that the populace has to support. Seeing that firsthand. I wonder if the most vocal critics of hydraulic fracturing are being used and manipulated by Trotsky wannabe's? My guess is no!

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