Sunday, June 05, 2011

Guess Who is the Least Popular Congressional Leader?

With all of the vitriol being leveled against the Republican members of Congress by the media and the Democrats, one would think that their popularity would be significantly lower. In addition, due to positive coverage as well as new Democrat talking points, their leaders must have gained some?

Well-- let's take a look at a new Rasmussen poll, shall we? Rasmussen is the most accurate of the major national pollsters and has largely predicted the last four election cycles. This time the organization is attempting to see who is well-regarded in Congress and who is not.

Of course, the least popular of the leaders of Congress is...

Nancy Pelosi.

Her numbers:

Favorable: 28%
Unfavorable: 63%
Other/dk: 9%

This is well below what former President Bush was pulling and her unfavorable numbers must include a tremendous amount of independents.

Harry Reid's aren't much better:

Favorable: 21%
Unfavorable: 50%
Other/dk: 19%

John Boehner's aren't great but they're more so-so than bad:

Favorable: 37%
Unfavorable: 39%
Other/dk: 24%

Poor, poor Nancy. Not coming back-- despite the fact that she says she's looking forward to being Speaker again.

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