Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Graham Disappointed With 2012 GOP Field

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who is one of the strongest hawks in the Senate today, told the Wall Street Journal earlier that he was "incredibly disappointed" with Monday night's debate between seven of the leading GOP candidates in New Hampshire.

The reason?

None of the candidates seemed to care that we're fighting radical Jihadists and that Afghanistan is vital to our success in the ongoing War on Terror. And with the lone exception of Tim Pawlenty's forceful statement in favor of taking out our enemies, regardless of where they are, the Senator is absolutely correct.

Monday night's debate contained questions on topics ranging from religion in politics to space exploration, but few ever addressed national defense related subjects, and what few did - the answers were usually dovish and isolationist - against the very fabric of Conservatism.

The current Republican Party field is currently lacking that leading figure who passionately supports our ongoing War on Terror, even though the threat from our enemies is just as great as it was ten, or five years ago. There is still time for someone to emerge, but as of now the Senator from South Carolina is absolutely within his right to be disappointed with the current field of candidates.

What say you?


  1. I say Lindsey Graham is actually a RINO dhimmi jackass whose opinion means NOTHING since he supports curtailing free speech in favor of appeasing people who want to KILL US and furthermore, it is not the candidate's fault that stupid liberal CNN asked retarded questions. You want a person who is strong against islamonazism? Then look at Rick Santorum. Nobody running is better qualified than he is, is stronger against jihad or a better friend to Israel. Rick understands foreign policy far be4tter 6than anyone else running and you can see that in his record. I have a post showcasing some of those strengths at my place, I highly recommend that you learn about him. He's also strong against criminal alien invaders.

  2. Graham's a good guy. A veteran who is strong on defense. I like Santorum too, but Graham is a lot more conservative (and practical) than a lot of people give him credit for.

  3. Except for when it comes to saying we should lose our right to free speech if it offends islamorageboys and supporting amnesty for CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS, I suppose Graham isn't all bad, but those two things alone are enough for me to look forward to his being primaried out at the nearest election.