Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gasland Director Admits Not Being Completely Truthful in Oscar-Nominated Documentary

The controversy surrounding hydrofracking for natural gas heated up after Josh Fox released Gasland, an Oscar nominated documentary. The most dramatic aspect of the film occurs when a faucet with running water was set alight. Many have argued that this phenomenon has been documented years before fracking began and now Josh Fox is seen on record stating he was aware of this history before producing the final cut of the film.

It is unfortunate that he would withhold key elements of the story to prove a political point. It is equally unfortunate that many would jump aboard this bandwagon (politicians included) with both feet without due diligence in investigating the facts of the matter.

In this video expose, Mr Fox initially denies the existence of a 1976 report documenting a "troublesome amount of methane in fresh water aquifers, but ultimately admits that there have been reports of "flammable water" in the US since at least 1936.

He states such scientific data were not relevant to his documentary because.......well, because it didn't fit the narrative he was seeking to create.

"The point is this...The citizens [in Colorado]reported the could not light their water on fire before the drilling. And after the drilling they could light their water on fire. (.....) I don't care about reports from 1976, there are reports from 1936 that people said they could light their water on fire in New York City, but that's no bearing on the situation at all."

Really, potentially exculpatory information has no bearing on the events at hand?

This is Michael Moore revisited! Journallists and filmmakers showing half the story and ignoring information that would proscribe the intended agenda. Josh Fox owes it to the americans across the country that he has terrified into submission to reveal all the facts. He should let it be know that some water across the country has methane it it and likely always has. He knew about these reports and chose not to report them. This is not journalism, it is propaganda!

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