Friday, June 03, 2011

Dr. Kevorkian Dies

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, made famous for his efforts with euthanasia (mercy killing) died today from heart failure. He was 83. He served jail time for the practice, but defended it until his death.

Eleven years earlier, he was sentenced in the 1998 death of a Lou Gehrig's disease patient — a videotaped death shown to a national television audience as Kevorkian challenged prosecutors to charge him.
"The issue's got to be raised to the level where it is finally decided," he said on the broadcast by CBS' "60 Minutes."
Nicknamed "Dr. Death," Kevorkian catapulted into public consciousness in 1990 when he used his homemade "suicide machine" in his rusted Volkswagen van to inject lethal drugs into an Alzheimer's patient who sought his help in dying.

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