Thursday, June 09, 2011

Clinton: Qaddafi Preparing Exit

This is most likely just speculation taken too seriously but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has apparently found out what could be very valuable information. According to her, members of Qaddafi's government are looking into the dictator's exit-- and have been likely directed by him personally  to do so.
I have no doubt that members of the Libyan government want Qaddafi to leave but I'm not so sure about he himself.
Speaking to reporters after an international conference on Libya in the United Arab Emirates, Clinton said proposals from "people close to Gadhafi" presented to unspecified countries included the "potential for a transition."

But she said she could not predict if they would be accepted. She did, however, stress that she believed Gadhafi's decades-long rule is nearing an end.
Color me doubtful but Qaddafi's only way out of the dictatorship will be in a body bag.

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