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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breaking: Obama Gives Speech From Notes, No Teleprompter in Sight!

It looks like preacher Harold Camping was off by about three weeks:  the end of the world may very well be at hand, as President Barack Obama gave a speech completely from his notes.  That's right, no teleprompter!

At a speech at Northern Virginia Community College, the President spoke in front of a group of students, no TOTUS in sight.  Even more shocking: he had words written down on paper!

Almost as shocking was the absence of a prompter during Mr. Obama's meetings with Angela Merkel.

The President has heavily relied on teleprompters for almost every single speech of his Presidency, including one to a sixth grade classroom:
Could this new strategy of writing down notes and reading them, instead of reciting words off of a pane of glass, actually stick?  Only time will tell.

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