Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anti-Frackers are a One Trick Pony the World Over

The opposition to hydraulic fracturing isn't very creative. They all say the same thing in the same way. Where they say it is the only thing unique. I came across this article recently and was astounded at the similarities. If you are at all familiar with the issue of natural gas drilling in shale you will immediately recognize the tactics at play.

Below I have taken the main body of an article and redacted any suggestion as to where it came of where it was written. As you read it see if you can't figure out where this is taking place. You will likely be surprised!

The main opposition have demanded that the government impose a moratorium on all shale gas drilling over concerns about its hazardous environmental effects.

End of May it was announced that the US energy giant Chevron has won a major bid to explore shale gas in the northeast.

The opposition has asked government authorities to impose a moratorium on shale gas drilling until further studies are conducted on the safety of the technique.

They have argued that not only production, but even exploration for shale gas might lead to severe damage to soils and underground waters.

Turns out, Socialists are all the same, no matter where the come from!

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