Friday, June 10, 2011

100,000 March in Yemen

Largest protest since Saleh's departure

In another twist to the ongoing situation in Yemen, over 100,000 protesters have marched in the capital city of Sa'ana today-- making a major impact on the country's psyche. This also comes as tribes and al Qaeda affiliates are attempting to seize different parts of the country and the US has been targeting terrorists in the nation.

In Sanaa's Taghyeer, or "Change," Square on Friday, the crowds of protesters demanded that the vice president — who is acting leader in Saleh's absence — allow the creation of a new government. "The people want a transitional government," they chanted.

Opposition tribesmen marched through the square with the bodies of 41 of their fighters they say were killed a week ago when troops bombarded the Sanaa home of one of their leaders. The tribe's chief, Sheik Sadeq al-Ahmar, led a march of around 10,000 people from the square to a cemetery in the capital, as protesters chanted, "The people want the butcher put on trial," referring to Saleh.

There was apparently also a pro-Saleh protest that had several thousand in it. The government is hinting that Saleh could return soon-- but considering reports of him seriously injured, there are real doubts.

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