Friday, May 27, 2011

Yemen Faces Civil War as Tribes Take Army Camp

Yemen is facing another civil war as the country teeters. Tribesmen formerly allied with dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh have turned on the government and have reportedly seized an army camp. This comes as at least 100 people have been killed in the newest week of fighting. Yemeni jets have bombed rebel positions and Saleh shows no sign of stepping down as he promised.

The protests are continuing, and perhaps growing:

In Sanaa, tens of thousands of people gathered after Friday prayers for what they said would be a “Friday of Peaceful Revolution” against Saleh, releasing white doves and carrying the coffins of about 30 people killed in clashes this week.

And the possibility of violence is increasing:

“We are now in mediation and there has been a ceasefire between the two sides … But if Ali Abdullah Saleh returned (to fighting) then we are ready. We are steadfast and victorious,” Sadeq al-Ahmar told protesters in “Change Square.”
“We wanted it (revolution) to be peaceful but Saleh, his sons and his clique wanted war. We will not leave them the opportunity to turn it into a civil war. There is mediation going on now,” Ahmar told Reuters.

Unless Saleh is removed by some in his inner circle, a civil war is almost inevitable.

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