Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Not Pawlenty?

Former Minnesota Governor Timothy Pawlenty has always been considered by Republican pundits to be everyone's number two candidate, because he appeals to the three stools of Conservatism, and would make a respectable compromise choice if worse comes to worse and gridlock occurs.

But why wouldn't Pawlenty be everyone's number one?

The former Governor has one of the strongest executive backgrounds of any candidate running for the nomination; two solid victories in one of the deepest blue states in America and the understanding of how important our role in the world is. 

He doesn't have the ability to inspire passionate devotion in his backers (just ask me), but he does have the ability to inspire confidence in America and all that we stand for. He doesn't advocate falling back in our War on Terror now that Osama bin Laden is dead; rather he calls for us to push forward and win.

I believe as voters learn more about the former Governor that they will like and support him more in the 2012 Republican Primary battle next year, because he is not just everyone's acceptable number two - but a desirable and well qualified number one.

What say you?

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