Saturday, May 07, 2011

New bin Laden Photos

Below are photos seized from the bin Laden compound:

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  1. We will never see a real photo of Osama Bin Laden in death. I still can't make a real argument for throwing his body into the sea, as it was repotted they did. Why? chance of EVER obtaining any DNA what-so-ever, for one...bury him, someone digs him up...cremate him, DNA know what US law says, "No body, no crime". There will never be a body and don't we all know why? Whoever staged this scenario won "Think Tank of the Year" award. Obama will not allow CLOSURE for the American people...simple as that...Check out Elizabeth Warren for President...WE NEED A PRESIDENT NOW!!..WE NEED CLOSURE...if the US government is going to pin the blame for so much on Bin Laden, we DEMAND CLOSURE!!! We aren't kids...Show the photographs!!!!