Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watch Obama Speech on Birth Certificate Live, April 27, 2011

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The speech is scheduled to begin at 9:45am.  Watch the video below and stay tuned to Pundit Press:

Live video chat by Ustream
Update- The speech has ended.  Here it is in its entirety:

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  1. People are just afraid and unhappy with having a black man as President...they need to be brave ennough to admit that rather than finding dumb reasons such as this to challenge him. Disagree with him and call him a bad president if you must, but don't make up crap to cut him down. it is baffling that there are people out there that trulybelieve in this day and age that a presidential candidate would be able to get away with something as serious as lying about his birth place! Focus on the things that are important and stop all this nonsense. Our country is in trouble and there are large problems that the lawmakers need to solve and this definitely isn't something that anyone needs to focus on. Let's hope this is finally the last of it!

  2. Donald Trump birther campaigns are a humongous insult to the American people. Trump despises Americans when he peddles this crap. In essence he's saying that Americans are so stupid that even their public officials including local govt, police, FBI, CIA, Immigration, Courts, and all Armed Forces are so stupid that they allowed a foreigner to take the highest office of power in the US and the world. Freedom of speech does not allow Trump to abuse Americans so shamelessly and still continue to demand and gobble their money and respect? Trump is a dangerous disgrace to the American people! Surely he needs complete timeout from our faces!

  3. Seems that Mr.Trump has begun his bashing Presidental Campaign already. Does he really feel that this non sense he is doing will win him the 2012 elecion? NOT!! He has money, now what he needs to do is get a LIFE!

  4. that is a very racial remark anonymous,,,i do not like obama,,but to accuse me of not wanting a black gentleman for president is incorrect,,i was a huge supporter of dr martin luther king,,i admired and respected him and should he of been able to run for office i would have voted for him,,it is not the color of a man that makes him someone who would be a great leader,,i am tired of obama running our nation into the ground,,talking about the huge problems we face as a nation,,it is him and all of congress that has led us into the state we are in,,it should not be our responsibility to bail us out,,if there are to be cutbacks,,then slash their salaries,,their pensions and retirements and certainly NO MORE VOTING THEMSELVES RAISES!!!!!