Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vermont Senate Passes Universal Health Care

The Vermont State Senate voted 21-9 on Tuesday afternoon to implement the nation's first universal health care system, which, if agreed to by the House and signed by the Governor, will offer all Vermonters a publicly funded government option. 19 of 21 Democrats voted yes; 7 of 8 Republicans voted no.

Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys are rolling in their graves.

In this time of great financial crisis, I can't understand why Vermont is moving to increase public spending for something the state government has absolutely no obligation, or right to be involved with. Are they fiscally suicidal?

No, this is the culture of 21st century Vermont - let economy and freedom be damned, while taking over the health care system and bankrupting the state's treasury - but just three decades ago they voted for President Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter, who wanted to socialize health care nationally.

How quickly Vermont has gone the way of liberalism and socialism. It sickens me to no end.

What say you?

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