Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trump: I'd Run as an Independent if I Don't Win the GOP Nomination


This could be a massive, massive deal in the political world. Real estate magnate Donald Trump has made a lot of waves recently, but this may be the biggest.

In an interview, he says that if he does not secure the Republican nomination for President, he would "probably" run for President as an independent.

“I hate what’s happening to the country,” said Mr. Trump, a real estate tycoon and host of the NBC show “Celebrity Apprentice.” He will not formally make a decision until June, however, when this season of his television show is over. “I can’t run during the airing of that show,” Mr. Trump said, “I’m not allowed to.” But he said he would make an announcement “by June” and his candidacy looks increasingly likely.

This could secure another term for Obama if he carries through with it.

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