Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Mr. K, With Love

I seem to have upset the sensibilities of Mr. K with my endorsement of a potential candidacy of Herman Cain and Alan West. Evidently he feels that Mr. Cain doesn't have the foreign policy experience required to be Commander in Chief. This of course is the same argument made against Ronald Reagan. It is true that he lacks this area of expertise but I trust he has enough judgement and common sense to do much better than what we have currently. Of course, adding Alan West to the ticket would do much to discount this line of reasoning.

Our biggest foreign policy problem moving forward revolves around radical islam. We are waging war in three muslim countries right now and Congressman West has first hand knowledge as to what is required to win this war and bring our men and women home.

Herman Cain is more than a talk show host. He brings executive experience and business know how. He is living the american dream. His father held three jobs and his mother worked as a maid to give him an opportunity to succeed and he did not disappoint. To discount him because he lacks foreign policy gravitas is fool hardy. He is a Tea Party favorite and his conservative bona fides cannot be questioned, unlike Donald Trump. He is clearly interested in the presidency having been the first to form an exploratory committee. Importantly, he negates one of President Obama's biggest selling points, minority status. He is the ultimate self appointed American Black Conservative. He favors a return to the gold standard, small government, and free enterprise. He is a confident and articulate speaker who doesn't rely on teleprompters to finish a speech. This mostly reflects his history as a talk radio host and would make him a formidable opponent in any debate. His lack of political experience should be seen as a boon, not a bane. He has no political baggage that political opponents could target giving him an added benefit over his potential republican foes.

Cain/West is an intriguing possibility. I appreciate Mr. K's concern's but I fail to see how this causes him to be dumbfounded. For what it is worth, this blog was a big proponent of John McCain for president, so in some respects I can understand how this particular blog founder doesn't want to take electoral risk, but I would argue that the majority of potential candidates expressing interest in the republican nomination for president are about as engaging as our last nominee, and I will state for the record, I voted for McCain not because of excitement, but because of desperation!

Herman Cain should be considered a real option. I encourage all, including Mr. K to look more closely at the Herman Cain's record and resume. He is a viable candidate and should be thoughtfully considered.


  1. I agree about Herman Cain, but I really think Col. West needs to stay where he is because he can do the most good there.

    How about a Cain/Bolton ticket?
    Plenty of real foreign policy experience there.

  2. I love Cain and West, and either/both of them will need a whole crop of newbie reps and senators if they're to have any realistic expectation of fixing this mess. We're getting down to "all or nothing", folks...