Monday, April 04, 2011

Ryan-Rubio 2012?

William Kristol, editor and founder of The Weekly Standard, has suggested one very unique coupling for the 2012 Republican ticket: Congressman Paul Ryan (President) and Senator Marco Rubio (Vice-President). He's used his influential perch to create a buzz, albeit weak, but nevertheless a buzz.

I believe the buzz is completely worthless, because neither Ryan, nor Rubio want to be on the ticket this time around, and both would have substantial headwinds blowing against them - Ryan's position in the House, and Rubio's limited amount of experience in the Senate are deal breakers for most folks.

However, both men are stars within the Conservative movement, especially Rubio, and Republican voters are far more concerned with policy than either experience, or tradition this time around. In fact, the waters are quite friendly for the first House member since Jack Kemp to be on the national ticket.

The 2012 Republican ticket will probably be a combination of two Governors, such as Pawlenty-Sandoval, but you never know what will happen in politics.

What say you about a possible Ryan-Rubio Presidential campaign?

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  1. Nah, take the best two candidates you can imagine for P & VP and the repubs will pick the biggest idiot in their politically inept party. There is one thing to be said of the repubs..they have no idea how to lead, govern or get out of the way. sheer stupidity when it comes to using the power the people gave them. there should be NO compromising with the idiots on the "other side of the aisle" and bayner has a lot to learn about kicking somebodies teeth in, and leading the way the people want our elected officials to lead. first kick goes to the congressional black caucus, then pick your favorite targets. it's open season on democrats so load up and fire away.