Saturday, April 16, 2011

Royal Wedding Disgrace

I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing about this "Royal Wedding" between England's Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.

After two-hundred and thirty-five years of our Independence, we are reduced to continuous media coverage of an insufferable royal attempting to keep alive the world's most disgraceful institution - monarchy, figurehead or otherwise by merrying his beloved.

We fought the brutality of King George II to relieve ourselves of this monarch bull, but now toe head anchors on Fox News are obsessed with the whole affair as if they were still under his tyrannical rule. Can you believe this?


What say you?


  1. Well to be honest, it sounds like America is more excited as always than the people who actually live in England.
    There's coverage in England of it but I don't see the big deal with it. It's a wedding - the only difference being it's with royality and England get a Bank Holiday. Why keep complaining?

    And you live in America, I'm guessing? Try living here then see if you complain and call it a 'disgrace'. You don't even live in the damn country so quit complaining.

    And so monarchy is kind of out-of-date? They don't have many powers anymore really so does it really matter if people can't stand them or not?
    They mostly do charity work or help the forces in Prince William's case. oh sorry but the monarchy is a 'disgraceful institution' so nothing good comes out of them like making England have at least one bank holiday compared to the rest of the world or helping charities and children, does it?

  2. I'm complaining because nimwit anchors are absolutely obsessed with this meaningless story.

    As for monarchy - it's not out of date, because it has never been in date. The institution is one based upon enslavement, immorality, and the "divine right of kings" to rule. The world will be better when England does away with the bull once and for all.

  3. We fought the British under George III. Not George II.

  4. Beats the ongoing Trump-a-palooza....tell me this guy isn't a stalking horse to split the vote ahead of next year.

  5. Royalty, as long as it exists in any form has the potential in more undemocratic times to rear its absolutists ways. It creates a potent symbol for birthright over merit. Unelected and placed on the state's dole amounting to millions, nothing stands as more an affront to democracy than royalty, even in its hobbled form. I think the French had the right idea on what to be done with royalty.

  6. I feel your pain. We here in Scotland want nothing to do with this family that has oppressed our people for hundreds of years. Its a joke.