Thursday, April 07, 2011

Report: 500-600 Ballots "Found" in Wisconsin

With challenger Joanne Kloppenburg up by exactly 204 votes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, a new find could have tremendous impact.  It is now being reported that 500-600 ballots were found in Waukesha County.

More importantly for the election, Waukesha County went 73% for Incumbent David Prosser.  If these ballots break the same way, by way of simple mathematics, this would be the result (assuming they found exactly 500 ballots):

Prosser gains 365.
Kloppenburg 135.

That would be a difference of 230 votes, which would give Prosser a 26-vote lead.  This could have massive implications.

Currently, the totals stand at:

Kloppenburg- 740,090
Prosser- 739,886

Considering all of the other funny business that has been going on, this "found" ballot box could provide yet another twist.

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  1. Waukesha was was of the last to report what a bunch of dumbasses-well they did vote prosser give it up its over

  2. I wonder what your view was when it was Gore? Oh wait, I will answer for you, "thats different". It is always funny, Dems and libs say no voter ID and yet they ALWAYS get caught, but not punished, cheating! You suck!

  3. i love the immediate jump to scandal

  4. I'm assuming that John Fund will investigate the mysterious sudden appearance of thousands of Prosser ballots. Looks like major fraud is being committed by someone with a dubious track record