Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interview with American Glob

Today Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 34 in our ongoing interview series. Today we're interviewing Aleister from one of our favorite sites, American Glob. Please check out the site and be sure to subscribe!

1. You predicted that Scott Brown could get elected in Massachusetts. How could you know?

Didn't I mention my psychic abilities? I knew partly because I'm in Massachusetts and I could see the signs everywhere. No one was excited about Martha Coakley. Many liberal independents I know were excited about Scott Brown. It's also worth noting that Brown campaigned against ObamaCare, a fact the Obama Administration chose to completely ignore. I also think my video helped.

2. In the past year, do you see Obama's chance of re-election increased or decreased?

Massively decreased, mostly by his own doing. As unemployment and energy costs continued to rise, he made the passage of ObamaCare his focus. As the country tired of war, he increased our presence in Afghanistan and inserted the US into a new conflict in Libya. All of his promises about transparency turned out to be lies, all of his talk about going through the federal budget "line by line" was nothing but talk. Independent voters have already deserted Obama. If the GOP nominates someone who seems safe, reliable and has a plan for turning the economy around, I think Obama is toast.

3. How has American Glob changed in the last year?

Well, back in August, American Glob got a new look and I started doing cartoons. Plus I've made some new blogger friends and traffic has increased. I've become more disciplined about blogging every day, usually at night and I've added a "news" section in the sidebar where I link other bloggers and news stories. One bad thing happened - Google shut down my AdSense account just before Christmas and never explained why, despite my requests for a reason. I was just on the verge of making some money from blogging, it was a major bummer. Of course, your readers are free to hit my Paypal tip jar. ;)

4. Who is most likely to win the GOP nomination?

Your guess is as good as mine. It's so hard to see where this is going. Just remember, in the early days of the 2008 campaign everyone thought it would be Giuliani versus Hillary. We all know how that worked out.

5. Will Obama dump Biden in the 2012 race?

No way. The only thing that could make that happen is some sort of unforeseen crazy situation. For Obama to just suddenly drop Biden and pick someone else would be perceived as an admission of weakness and an expected loss by the Obama Administration. I really don't think they would do that.

6. Do you see hyperinflation in this country over the next decade?

I see hyperinflation now. The cost of gas is insane and there's no sign of relief anywhere in the future. Food prices are already much higher as well. I recently noticed that the cost of a large jar of mayonnaise at my local supermarket is $5.99 - I mean a large jar you can hold in your hand. It's not just mayo though, fresh produce, bread, everything is going up in price. Sometimes people vote with their feet, other times they vote with their wallets. None of this is good news for Obama.

7. Where do you see American Glob next year?

I plan to continue blogging and to expand my readership. What I'd really like to do is find a way to make some money from my writing. Of course, if I got an offer to blog part time for someone like Tucker Carlson, Andrew Breitbart or Pajamas Media that would help. Thanks for the opportunity to do this interview, I really appreciate it.

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