Sunday, April 17, 2011

Indiana Sixth-Grader Handcuffed over Spilled Milk

Talk about something escalating from almost nothing.

A 12-year-old attendee of Ben Franklin Middle School in Valparaiso, Indiana dropped some milk this past Thursday.  He refused to clean it up.  The boy then refused to sit down and wait for other students to leave so that the lunch attendant could deal with him individually.

Instead, he got up and began to run around the school, and did not want to listen.  So the school called the police.  When the police caught him, he "attempted to get away," so they handcuffed him.

The Post-Tribute finishes their story:  "The student was released to a parent."
This is all your fault!
Odd wording because they didn't say "his parent(s)" but "a parent."  Either way, I hope that parent had a key for the cuffs.

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