Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gold Price Cracks $1,500/Oz.

 The price of gold has soared over the last decade, usually heading up in times of higher oil prices or unrest. While the price of the precious metal dipped in late 2008, it has come back stronger and has recently hit some record highs.

The last several days have seen Standard and Poor's place the American government in higher risk of default while oil remains over $100 a barrel. Enter in both the gold and silver prices shooting up.

As of 10:37pm today:
Gold: $1,496.91/oz
Silver: $44.11/oz

Gold skirted over $1500 an ounce today. Meanwhile, the big under-the-radar story has been silver, which has nearly doubled in the last half year. It has nearly quadrupled in the last two and the price per ounce was under $5 in the 1990s.
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