Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily Kos Called on Prosser to Not Challenge Recount when Difference was 200 Votes!

Now, do you want to take a look at the height of hypocrisy. The Daily Kos and the left-o-sphere has been either suggesting or crying out loud that there must have been some sort of funny business in the Wisconsin election that has returned state Justice David Prosser to the bench by over 7,000 votes. Many are calling for a recount to be paid for by the state.

Now it appears that those same 'reasonable' people had called upon Prosser to not ask for a recount before all of the ballots were counted and as the margin of difference was just over 200 votes. The Daily Kos, of course, is the source of this stupidity.

Take a look at this:

So now it would be Prosser who would be the hypocrite for accepting the incomplete results of such a close election? Now that all of the votes are in and Kloppenburg is behind by 3500% that amount, let's see what the Kos Kids are up to now:

For some reason this doesn't surprise me. If Kloppenburg wants to waste Wisconsin's money, let her go for it. it just reinforces her own selfish interests int he face of reality. Besides, with all of the money that Scott Walker is saving-- maybe the state can finally afford it.

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