Thursday, April 07, 2011

Could Giuliani Win Florida?

Earlier this week, Public Policy Polling decided to find out what would happen if Rudy Giuliani does run for the 2012 GOP Nomination in Florida, the state where his hopes were obliterated in 2008. And the results will likely surprise you.

Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are all stuck at 17% apiece, but Rudy Giuliani is right behind them with 16% of the vote, which is actually better than his poor showing in January 2008 when he invested so much time and funds into the potential votes of Floridians.

What year is this?

I ask this question because 2012 is starting to look like 2008 redux - Huckabee might be running; Romney is definitely in; Paul is testing the waters and Palin is keeping her name in the papers. All that is needed is Rudy and we're all set!

But back to Giuliani's chances in Florida.

The primary was his "do, or die" moment in 2008, and they brought the sword down hard on him. However, increased attention on economic, leadership and national defense related issues has some looking for exceptional experience in those three fields, and America's Mayor fits the bill almost too perfectly.

I'm not saying that this poll will convince him to run again, but this early show of strength will definitely make him think about another campaign.

What say you?

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