Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Could The Balanced Budget Amendment Pass?

Fiscal Conservatives are pushing for Congress to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment before we even consider lifting the national debt limit. This has long been the signature cause of Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, who once again has introduced the measure to Congress, which if ratified would curtail our deficit by hundreds of billions immediately.

So what chance does the Balanced Budget Amendment have of passing the divided United States Senate today?

Good question, unfortunately the answer is very depressing, because the odds of passage were better back in 1997 when America's national debt was a trifle compared to today's $14 trillion financial hole.

After extensive research on the topic, I concluded that 49-53 Senators would definitely support the desired budget amendment, and that includes the entire Senate Republican Caucus, four Democrats that supported the amendment in 1997 and two additional Democrats who have publicly come out in support it.


There is another Democrat yes vote from 1997 still around, but his name is Joe Biden, and it's legally impossible that his opinion would mean anything during a long Constitutional debate. Only his leverage would help our side, which is also quite impossible since the White House is immune to Common Sense proposals.

What say you?

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