Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bobby Jindal goes Birther; Says he'd sign Birth Certificate requirement Bill

An absolutely astounding comment from Lousiaian Bobby Jindal yesterday morning on NBC Today (via Politico):
“If the Legislature passes this bill,” Jindal said, “I’d sign it.” And if legislators “pass another bill that simply restates the Constitution, of course I’d sign it. If they pass a bill restating the Bill of Rights, of course I’d sign it.”
What's not being picked up by the MSM is that both chambers of the Louisian Legislature are now controlled by Republicans.

Two state senators switched to the GOP in recent months, giving the Republican Party control of that chamber. The GOP was already in the majority in the House.

Louisiana is a very conservative state to begin with. And with the whole oil spill mess, and Obama's lack or response, and downright lack or caring as perceived by Louisianans, it's likely LA politicians may be in the mood for a little payback, cajun' style.

Bobby Jindal's pledge to sign the Birth Certificate requirement Bill is of enormous importance.

Imagine Obama appearing on the ballot in only 49 states for 2012. CNN and Fox would have to shade their election maps purple, or gray, or even oil slick brown for the State of Louisiana.

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