Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ballot Shredding Article Banned from Facebook

Yesterday this site broke a story coming out of the state of Wisconsin regarding a possible shredding of ballots in one city. According to a radio host, he personally witnessed at least one voter's slip being shredded. This would be in direct violation of Wisconsin election law.

Since we broke the story, we've been linked on many sites and have received a fair amount of views. The exposure that the story is getting is amazing.

But one site is very unhappy:


We are still getting some hits from the site, but sometime yesterday night the article's URL was banned. This is likely due to people marking the article as "spam" or "abusive" over and over again to prevent its being read.

I had received concerns about this from some readers and tried it myself. The result:

Thanks, Facebook. Why don't you just donate some money to the SEIU while you're at it?

UPDATE, 4/7, 10:53pm-
News from Facebook: they have rescinded their block (at least in the short term) on our site. So share away.

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  1. It can still be posted if you copy the link and put it up. As a matter of fact, FB has been doing it to lots of blogs. Very annoying.

  2. "Obama's website,, urges voters to pledge their support via Facebook or Twitter, and now comes word that Obama will host a town-hall-style meeting on the economy April 20 at Facebook's California headquarters.

    The "Facebook Live" event, scheduled for 3:45 p.m. CDT, will include CEO Mark Zuckerberg and be streamed live on the White House's Facebook page."

  3. Ann Althouse is also being blocked for her posts on voter fraud too.

  4. You didn't break the story, you reported on a story Mark Belling broke. Also, Mr. Belling did not "personally witness" the shredding of the ballot. It was brought to his attention by the victim and Belling is investigating the claim which includes an open records request for the shredded ballot among other documents.

  5. the trolls are alive and well....nothing else to do but mark the links as abusive and of course it appears that's majority thought....ugh

  6. A 'troll' is an internet activist.