Wednesday, April 06, 2011

85 House Republicans Call on Harry Reid to Resign (With List of Signers)

Eighty-five House Republicans have signed a letter asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to resign immediately.  The Congresspeople are apparently making this move because of the budget impasse in the House and Senate and Mr. Reid's utter lack of leadership.
Here is the entire list of signers:

Adams, Sandy (FL-24)
Austria, Steve (OH-07)
Bachmann, Michele (MN-06)
Benishek, Dan (MI-01)
Bonner, Jo (AL-01)
Boustany, Charles (LA-07)
Broun, Paul C. (GA-10)
Buchanan, Vern (FL-13)
Buerkle, Ann Marie (NY-25)
Canseco, Fransisco (TX-23)
Carter, John (TX-31)
Chaffetz, Jason (UT-03)
Cole, Tom (OK-04)
Cravaack, Chip (MN-08)
Crawford, Rick (AR-01)
Crenshaw, Ander (FL-04)
Culberson, John (TX-07)
Denham, Jeff (CA-19)
DesJarlais, Scott (TN-04)
Duncan, Jeff (SC-03)
Ellmers (NC-02)
Fitzpatrick, Mike (PA-08)
Flake, Jeff (AZ-06)
Fleming, John (LA-04)
Flores, Bill (TX-17)
Franks, Trent (AZ-02)
Gingrey, Phil (GA-11)
Gosar, Paul (AZ-01)
Gowdy, Trey (SC-04)
Graves, Tom (GA-09)
Griffin, Tim (AR-02)
Guinta, Frank (NH-01)
Guthrie, Brett (KY-02)
Harper, Gregg (MS-03)
Harris, Andy (MD-01)
Herger, Wally (CA-02)
Herrera Beutler, Jaime (WA-03)
Huizenga, Bill (MI-02)
Hultgren, Randy (IL-14)
Jenkins, Lynn (KS-02)
Johnson, Bill (OH-06)
King, Peter (NY-03)
Kinzinger, Adam (IL-11)
Kline, John (MN-02)
Lamborn, Doug (CO-05)
Lankford, James (OK-05)
LoBiondo, Frank (NJ-02)
Lucas, Frank (OK-03)
Lummis, Cynthia (WY)
Manzullo, Donald A. (IL-16)
McClintock, Tom (CA-04)
McKinley, David (WV-01)
Miller, Gary (CA-42)
Miller, Jeff (FL-01)
Murphy, Tim (PA-18)
Murphy, Tim (PA-18)
Nugent, Richard (FL-05)
Olson, Pete (TX-22)
Pence, Mike (IN-06)
Platts, Todd R. (PA-19)
Pompeo, Mike (KS-04)
Price, Tom (GA-06)
Quayle, Ben (AZ-03)
Reed, Tom (NY-29)
Ribble, Reid (WI-08)
Roby, Martha (AL-02)
Rokita, Todd (IN-04)
Schilling, Robert (IL-17)
Scott, Austin (GA-08)
Scott, Tim (SC-01)
Sensenbrenner, Jim (WI-05)
Shimkus, John (IL-19)
Shuster, Bill (PA-09)
Simpson, Mike (ID-02)
Smith, Chris (NJ-04)
Stivers, Steve (OH-15)
Stutzman, Marlin (IN-03)
Sullivan, John (OK-01)
Terry, Lee (NE-03)
Walden, Greg (OR-02)
Walsh, Joe (IL-08)
West, Allen (FL-22)
Westmoreland, Lynn A. (GA-03)
Wilson, Joe (SC-02)
Young, Todd (IN-09)

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  1. Hopefully he takes them up on it

  2. They should be asking him to resign for betraying his oath of office in supporting sharia over the 1st Amendment, and they should demand the sane from that sandal licking dhimmi Lindsey Graham.

  3. WAHOO! someone ELSE agrees Lindsey Graham should go TOO! think pelosi, rangle & durbin could 'follow'?

  4. All of those signers should resign. The country would be much better off without them.

  5. You righties are so bat shit crazy. pull your heads out of your arses! The entire GOP Senate should be FIRED for obstructionism!

  6. Interesting move. They think we should punish Harry Reid because they are obstructionists?
    Thank goodness for Harry, and the President. We would be in deep doo-doo if these idiots got their way.

  7. This is an example of political posturing and a waste of everyone's time. Voters did not elect any of these people to remove Harry Reid or anyone else. Voters wanted jobs, more jobs, and better jobs. Voters also wanted to reduce the deficit. So far what the Republicans are doing nationwide is trying to keep those who can afford it from paying more taxes, cutting middle class jobs that benefit all of us, and cutting services to our most vulnerable citizens.

  8. NH will remember this vote Mr. Guinta, where are the jobs? What the heck are you all doing in DC besides teabagging the country?

  9. NH voters now realize that Mr.Guinta is just an elected lobbyist. Doing what he does best, making sure the rich get richer he doesn't care for us working stiffs. He'll only be in one term, then get paid the big bucks when he's hired as a paid lobbyist.