Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The War on Libya is Legal

Anti-war liberal Democrats, who are currently convulsing over the Libyan War, are accusing President Obama of illegally waging war on Libya because he didn't seek congressional approval. Some are even calling for his impeachment, which is almost as foolish as when they sought to do the same thing to President Bush.

So are they right?

Absolutely not.

Under the War Powers Resolution, which was passed over President Nixon's veto pen in 1973, the President can commit U.S. soldiers for up to sixty days without congressional approval in any fight under one of two circumstances (specific authorization and direct attack) . This law allows for quick, decisive military strikes and appropriate oversight.

(For those playing at home: The U.N. resolution is specific authorization.)
Maummar Gaddafi
While it's understandable to criticize Obama's lack of initiative and leadership in this fight, questioning the legality of our honorable war is absolutely ridiculous.

What say you?


  1. I say: it's Constitutional in the short term, but man, Obama is a hypocrite

  2. 1. I believe Congress should vote to authorize an extended United States mission in Libya - ground troops and the removal of Qaddafi.

    2. I absolutely agree, but I'm more concerned with the war right now than hitting President Obama on his hypocritical statements on War - that's for next year's campaign.

  3. The U.N. trumps the Constitution? No, I don't think so.

  4. The Constitution gives complete control of our Air Force, Army and Navy to the President, while the War Powers Resolution says soldiers can only be used with specific authorization.

    We're a member of the U.N. and they gave all of their members specific authorization to attack Libya. Obama's job is to get Congress to extend our mission in Libya before the 60 days is up.

    It was Obama's decision to deploy U.S. forces; a decision that is uniquely his: by Constitutional determination and legal statute.

  5. I say it's 61 days...what say YOU?