Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video: Biden- 'Presidents Who Push US into War without Congressional Approval Should be Impeached'

Another day, another thing that shows that this Administration is a pack of hypocritical liars.  In 2007, Joe Biden was making the stops on cable news shows to drum up support for his presidential run.  One of them was Hard Ball with Chris Matthews on the liberal bastion of MSNBC.

As always, trying to score political points, Mr. Biden went on and on about how the President should never attack another country without approval.  Talking specifically about Iran, he stated that it is, in fact, an impeachable offence.  See the video below:

Here is a short transcript:

Matthews- You said that if the President of the United States had launched an attack on Iran without Congressional approval that would be an impeachable offence.

Biden- Absolutely!

Matthews- You want to review that comment you made?  Well, how do you stand on that now?

Biden- I want to stand by that comment I made.  The reason I made the comment was as a warning.  The reason I made... I don't say those things lightly, Chris, you've known me for a long time.  I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee for seventeen years, or its ranking member.  I teach separation of powers and Constitutional law, this is something I know.

So, if this is something he knows...should we take him up on it?

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