Friday, March 11, 2011

Tremendous 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Japan

Live updates can be found here.

Update:  Pictures of the aftermath.

Update #2, 5:39 EST:  Unfortunately, it is now being reported that at least 29 people have died in the earthquake.

One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded has struck Japan, causing fires across cities and tsunamis as far away as the island of Hawaii.

The earthquake is the fifth largest since 1900.  Dozens are feared injured or dead while multiple, strong aftershocks have struck the nation since the initial quake.

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The L.A. Times reports:
All trains in Tokyo were stopped, and black plumes of smoke rose over the skyline. Office workers rushed out of their buildings. Subways were halted, trapping commuters underground. In the nation with the world's third-largest economy, all airports were closed. 
"The train was rocking sharply back and forth," said Anthony Weiss, a 29-year-old from Florida studying Japanese in Tokyo who was on a train when the quake hit. "People covered their heads with their bags as dust and small debris fell. Something sprung a leak, as there was a lot of water on the platform." 
Many riders evacuated the train and headed for the archways, but Weiss stayed on the train. "I stayed on because I was concerned about the roof and hanging lights and ventilation systems," he said. "Lights went on and off in the train. It felt a lot like the earthquake attraction at Universal, to be honest, but it wasn't stopping."

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