Saturday, March 05, 2011

Scott Walker Approval Plunges to 43%

Not quite horrid numbers, but pretty bad for a governor who just took the oath of office two months ago. Governor Walker beat his Democratic opponent with 52% in the traditionally blue state of Wisconsin. Now it appears that many are turning on him for his brave stance against public union bosses.

This poll comes from Rasmussen, the most accurate of the major pollsters:

Scott Walker performance as governor:
Approve: 43%
Disapprove: 57%
Other/und: 0%

This is certainly a hiccup, but not the end of the road. Governor Walker has to stay firm, especially considering what would happen if he backed down.

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  1. 43%!?! that's downright 0bama-esque!

  2. What would happen if he backed down? Pray tell.

  3. Ronald Reagan was pro-union.

  4. everyone is pro union. just not to the point where they have all the power. take your money and use it to put democrats in office. reagan also fired union members who protested just like this because they wouldnt go back to work..