Thursday, March 31, 2011

Possible Deal to Cut $33B

 Let's just start by saying it's not enough. $33 billion per department, maybe. If we want to get our fiscal house in order, we should start with a number ten times as large. Still, with Republicans too timid and the Democrats opposing any possible serious plan, this may be the best possible option.

So we see the both sides in Congress agreeing on this deal, which will swipe away approximately 2% of our deficit and less than 1% of our total budget. Forgive me if I'm not celebrating.

“There is no magic number at this time,” Rogers insisted after meeting with Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). But he told POLITICO: “We’re going to start talking with the Senate to see if we can find some good common ground.”
The House set this debate rolling last month when it approved its own budget for the remainder of Fiscal 2011, cutting appropriations to $1.026 trillion, about $102 billion less than Obama’s initial budget requests for 2011 and $61.3 billion below the spending under a continuing resolution (CR) that expired March 4.
Too bad. Weren't we promised $100 billion?

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  1. Are these people kidding? How about defunding the Czars and their staffs? Can Michelle cut her staff in half? How about cutting off all the "WELFARE" free cellphones. GIVE BACK $105 BILLION allocated for OBAMACARE!!!! Michele Bachmann is absolutely right to keep this in front of this Congress. Get some backbone and DEMAND what's needed. This is not 1994 and these people have us on the brink of bankruptcy and if all essential programs continue, Americans are behind shutting it down. Stay in front of the cameras with real facts. STOP posturing!! Talk to the public everyday and simplify the message.