Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ohio Pushes Forward, Senate Approves Bill Stripping Public Bargaining

 Ohio, under the leadership of Governor John Kasich, appears to be taking the lead in the struggle with public-sector unions. Ohio has seen protests on a much smaller scale than Wisconsin but has many more union members. Kasich, like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, is facing a large deficit.

The bill has barely passed the Senate, by one vote, 17-16. This came after seven Republicans turned tail and voted with the Democrats. It appears that the bill will next pass the Assembly, where Republicans have a large majority. After Kasich's signature, it will become law. It is the first step in checking the corrupt influence of public sector union bosses.

 Of course, the Obama White House is not happy:

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis criticized the moves in Ohio and other states to curtail bargaining rights. "Some state leaders have gone too far," Ms. Solis said Wednesday night, in a conference call with thousands of activists from the Communications Workers of America. "Budget sacrifices are one thing, but demanding workers give up their rights as union members is another."

Hopefully this will be an impetus for Wisconsin.

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