Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama Libya Speech Scheduled To Accommodate 'Dancing With The Stars'

News: Sec. Clinton: WH Needs "No Congressional Authorization" for Future Decisions on Libya

Imagine for a moment that you are the leader of the free world, the President of the United States of America.  You lead the strongest country on earth and you have to make the case to your constituents that your path is just and correct.  You have constitutional power steeped in tradition and hundreds of millions stop and listen to you when you speak.

Okay, are you imagining?  Now let's say that Dancing with the Stars comes on at the time that you want to make your speech.  Would you change course because of a reality TV show?  Well, if you are President Barack Obama, the answer is "yes."

When the President announced that he would address the nation on Monday night, he was met with criticism.  Not only from the American people, but higher-ups at ABC.  They complained that, should the speech begin or cut into prime time, that they could lose viewership.
President Obama
So what does a President who needs to address his nation do?  Well, he agreed to change his timeslot to accommodate a reality TV dancing show.

The New York Times reports:
After some friendly negotiations, all parties agreed to a mutually acceptable time: 7:30 Eastern, which meant the speech on the military situation in Libya could be delivered — and analyzed – in time for the fans of “Dancing,” as well as other scheduled network shows, to see the shows they expected to see at their regularly scheduled times.
Well, I'm glad that a speech about our men and women in the military bombing a country in northern Africa can be pushed about by, as some call it, "Dancing."

Hopefully in the future no other crisis happens in prime time.  What would the President do if Saturday Night Live or Conan were preempted?  Dear lord, he might have to cut in!

But all kidding aside, are we really led by a man who couldn't interrupt a reality TV show to make an important speech?  Actually, forget I asked.

And one more thing.  Imagine once again that you are the President of the United States and a friend of yours says that 'the United States should invade Israel.'  Would you hire her?  In President Obama's case, the answer (yet again) is "yes."  She is now the Special Assistant to the President.

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  1. Ahah ah ha ha haahah ahaahah....omg too funny... Does it really surprise anyone that this jackass is too much of a wimp to stand up to some prissies in tights? Leader of the free world? Methinks not. You are about to give a speech detailing why you commited treason and capitulated to outside forces which made you decide to break Constitutional Law and commit U.S. forces in an ACTUAL ILLEGAL WAR which has absolutely nothing to do with the safety, security or sovereignty of the United States, and you are preemted by some gays in tights who say you are cutting into their "flair time", with your irrelevant talking about the lives of U.S. Servicemembers. Just classic. Can the liberals and democrats get any more pussilaneous?

  2. Americans have a great hierarchy of values - the choice was either to watch an entertaining show, or watch this guy lie through his teeth to justify his several blunders, like going to Rio the day he goes to war and sends soldiers to harms way. I think the choice is obvious and correct.

  3. He's getting ready to start campaigning again. Total error on our part last time. Independents are you informed now? I sure hope so.

  4. I missed the speech because of the time change. But, he probably didn't mind me missing it, as I seldom agree with him...

  5. WOW! Don't know if I should laugh or cry!

    Common Cents

  6. Watching Dancing with the Stars is more important than our President giving a speech on why we went to war? Really??? Our country has gone to war called Odyssey Dawn (sounds like a stripper name) but now they say it's not a war-war but kinectic military action turned strategic something or other. Heaven help us if Dancing is interrupted for this important message from POTUS. God forbid if they have to interrupt American Idol! But wait, that's on Fox, Obama won't care about that show!

  7. Snot a War! Hilary and B.O. Said So.
    Love seeing the Hippie Libs freakin' out that their guy is bombing people.
    Almost as good as Demorat Clintong bombing Serbian men, women & children to protect "ethnic" (Muslim) Albanians from big bad Milosevic. Not quite as good as Demobrat JFK getting the US into Vietnam, then Demobomber Johnson escalating.
    Democrat Wars GOOD, Republican Wars Bad!

  8. I am ashamed......that people voted for this guy. Happy Dems.?

  9. What a bloody embarrassment to our nation. Mr. Obama, it is time for you to STEP DOWN and let someone who has the balls LEAD our nation.

    Obama, you ACTUALLY admitted that we had AUTHORIZATION from the UN to attack Libya. Authorization from the UN? Are you nuts? Since when does the United States of America take direction from the UN?

    Now, people. Now that we have a socialist UN-follower as our Commander in Chief. What a stupid bastard.

    Step down, Mr. Obama. Step down and let someone who can LEAD take our nation and make us proud, and make our enemies quake with fear.

  10. I can not WAIT to see the campaign ads, they are going to spank Obama so bad for all of his bad leadership decisions and actions. Not to mention hypocrisy.

  11. Obozo is getting pummeled left and right and rightfully so. With such opposition, he should kiss his reelection chances bye bye. Unfortunately, the same brain dead nitwits that got him elected no doubt will do their very best to get him another 4 more agonizing years. Back to the subject at hand. To say he's the leader of the free world is a stretch. Heck, it will be stretch to call him prez of the United States with all his attacks against it. The last thing I can say is that whomever gets the repub nomination for prez, they will have more than enough fodder to slam obozo. Use wisely and use it often and evict this scum from the WH and our memory.

  12. Those globalists just want to "accomodate everybody" and doing so they lose their sense of priorities.


  14. "The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now meddle no more and longs eagerly for just two things — bread and circuses." Written by about the Romans by Juvenal almost 2000 years ago. History just keeps repeating itself.....dark ages just around the corner.

  15. Leader of the 'Free World' is the first error in your article. We are no longer a free nation. Obama represents the offshore banking cartel operation that has been existent for more than 50 years! We are in a lot of danger, people. Not just here in the US, but also in the world.