Sunday, March 06, 2011

Michael Moore Rallying Unionists in Wisconsin

Did you need something to spur you into having a lower opinion of public-sector unions? Did you need something to make you not support the protests in Wisconsin? Did you need just another demonstration of what's wrong with the American Left?

Well, here it is.

Professional showboat and Marxist Michael Moore has brought his "talents" to Wisconsin to help at the "gimme" rallies there. Moore, who famously exploited 9/11, and has been praised by Hezbollah and Castro, and quoted by Osama bin Laden, is attempting to make some hay over this, too.

So is he going to donate some of his multi-millions that he made with his shitty films to help bridge the Wisconsin budget deficits? Is he going to use that to prevent the state layoffs or help pay the mortgages of those who already lost their jobs?

No-- he's going to grandstand and shift the focus from Governor Walker and the unions to himself. Of course.

Moore told them that the wealthy have overreached, first taking the working class' money and then taking their souls by shutting them up at the bargaining table. The crowd yelled "thank you" before Moore began to speak, and he responded: "All of America thanks you, Wisconsin."

Let's overfeed him and get the coronary over with. I hate to say it, but he's the most repugnant member of our society that's not a felon.

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