Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Maine Republicans: No More Snowe!

Senator Olympia Snowe would win another term without problem in next year's general election in Maine, but she might not make it that far when you consider the Republican base is absolutely sick and tired of her moderate votes and ways, which is quite understandable when you think about her yea vote for stimulus.
According to Public Policy Polling, which we should only take with a grain of salt, 58% of Maine Republicans prefer a generic more Conservative candidate to Senator Snowe, even though it would be nearly impossible to retain the seat in a Presidential election year. In a state that will vote solidly for Obama.

However, there is some good news for the Senator: both of her announced Tea Party opponents are relatively obscure and unknown with Maine's electorate, which is why she currently leads the primary race with 43% of the vote to their combined 28%.

So this is basically the choice Maine Republicans have to make: do they want a Senator who will give us control of the entire chamber and vote with us 65% of the time, or do they want a candidate who will give us the Conservative that we have always wanted, but lose the campaign to an even worse liberal Democrat?

What say you?

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