Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya News Live 3/19/2011

Some of the news coming out of the North African country today:

Earlier today French fighter jets appeared over the skies of Libya, enforcing the no-fly zone. They would later destroy several Libyan military vehicles. The United States and Great Britain would later launch over 100 cruise missiles at Libyan military targets. According to the Pentagon the Libyan government, including Qaddafi and his family are not the targets of the bombing.

In other news, Libyan military forces attacked targets in Misrata and Benghazi today. Rebels reportedly shot down a Libyan jet. There is word that the rebels began celebrating after hearing of the UN intervention.

Muommar Qaddafi is reported to have given a short speech on the situation. He called for weapons to be given out to Libyans to fight off the rebels and the international forces.

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  1. After getting rid of that crazy bastard will all the UN participants help establish a democratic government or will they leave it to the Libyan people to try to find a good leader. Living under a ruthless dictator for so many years how can people know what a true democratic system is and how it works? Who will lead them?

  2. 2011 is rising! Its been said for years by all sorts of prophesy, kings, cultures and so on. In the end the muslims will put themselves against the rest of the world and there will be a war like nobody has ever seen. Next to this also the world is breaking down, see all the natural disasters at the moment. The poles shifted 10 cm just last week.
    The funny part is, nobody really cares about anything. Again its all about money and power. Does Al quida not excist anymore? I never hear about it anymore on the news, and what about Osama Bin Laden? And Iraq? Is this all solved already? These countries are still in shit after the war and nobody cares. A minimum of 50% of the western world will die because of this war with all those crazy muslims that make their own rules, bibles and laws. Those people are made for making war! They dont know any better! Its been written everywhere. Why is the world so stupid to reject all this information.
    Well, I know what I have to do when its coming that far and the world will be destroyed.
    Good luck all!

  3. ove djurberg swedenMarch 20, 2011 at 6:26 AM

    Listen to my song about" peace on earth" - now more up to date than ever...
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    Love & peace