Monday, March 21, 2011

Liberalism: The Other Religion of Peace

Funny thing. The best "man" at my wedding just so happened to be a lesbian. Dear friends for years she was my rock. My go to person in times of need and I was hers. That is until I began to vocalize my political beliefs. This, of course occurred through facebook, the bane of friendships worldwide. Suddenly, I became a man of white privilege, a bigot, a virtual pariah. It seemed, at least to me, that my political beliefs were at least as relevant as my friends and by the power invested to me by the first amendment of the Constitution I had the right to express them. While I have that right of freedom of speech, she has the right to freedom of association. Unfortunately, we no longer associate. I miss my friend, but it would seem that for some "political correctness" supersede's common decency.

Lee Stranahan appears to be suffering the same fate. A notorious blogger for the Daily Kos, until he questioned an affair involving John Edwards, and was banned! He is now blogging at the Huffington Post and Andrew Brietbart's Big series. He categorize's this phenomenon as "lockstep liberalism". Lose step and expect to be ostracized, belittled and mocked. He write's about Lockstep Liberalism at his blog and it is well worth the read. I suspect every conservative has experienced this to some degree.

Daniel Blatt, gay blogger extraordinaire, thinks it is easier to be gay at a Republican convention than it is to be a conservative at a gay convention. Obviously this goes without saying, we all know this is true, but needs to be said as it crosses all races, genders and creeds. Gay americans best not stray from liberal orthodoxy. An American of African decent, you best not dissent lest you be labeled an Uncle Tom or worse. Just ask Herman Cain, who has been called every pejorative, save dark horse, which he calls himself.

Liberalism is the other religion of piece. But for dissent, everything would be wonderful. Dissent, however is treated with disdain and contempt. Note the treatment of conservatives, religious groups (other than Islam), conservative women, conservative black Americans and conservative gay Americans. Do as they say, think as they tell you to think, act/protest as they tell you to act/protest, or reap the wrath. Truly, minority groups who have the intestinal fortitude to break away from this orthodoxy need to be welcomed with open arms into the conservative community. They are the parties ticket into otherwise unreachable groups.

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