Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leave Marco Rubio Alone.

Marco Rubio is a hot commodity in the Conservative movement.

It started with his dramatic, heart-warming speech at CPAC in 2010; his solid victory in Florida over former Republican Governor Charlie Crist and his good record in the Senate thus far. There's little to hate in his record and his family's Cuban background is absolutely inspiring.

However, some Conservatives just need to leave Senator Rubio alone.

Such as those who are constantly pushing him to run for either President, which is quite unrealistic, or stand for Vice-President in next year's election. This push has resulted in millions of gallons of ink being wasted on his possible run for the presidency, not to mention all the questioning he has had to endure.

But if the people pushing for "Rubio 2012" actually listened to his interviews with all the media, they would know that he doesn't want to run for either the highest office in the land, or the second highest. His mission was to become a good United States Senator; not another bad candidate for President. There are too few of the former; and too many of the latter.

Senator Rubio wants to introduce and fight for Conservative ideas in Congress. That is why he was elected last year with almost 50% of the vote in a three-way race, and that's why he wants to focus on his real job.

If you really support Marco Rubio: leave him alone when it comes to 2012.

What say you?

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