Friday, March 11, 2011

Largest Earthquakes Ever Recorded

Live updates can be found here.

Update:  Pictures of the aftermath.

Update #2, 5:39 EST:  Unfortunately, it is now being reported that at least 29 people have died in the earthquake.

With the horrific earthquake that struck Japan, it ranks as one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded.  Here is a short list of quakes and their strength, in order for you to comprehend the magnitude of the Japan earthquake:


1. Chile, 1960, Magnitude 9.5
2. Prince William Sound, Alaska,1964, Magnitude 9.2
3. Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra, 2004, Magnitude 9.1
4. Kamchatka, 1952, Magnitude, 9.0
5. Off the Coast of Japan, March 11, 2011, Magnitude 8.9
6. Offshore Maule, Chile, 2010, Magnitude 8.8

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