Sunday, March 27, 2011

Johnson to Announce GOP Presidential Bid

 Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, is looking towards the 2012 waters. Johnson, a libertarian in similar (but not exact) vein as Texas Congressman Ron Paul, may make some waves.

Johnson is well-regarded in his state, as he reduced the size of government and taxes during his tenure. Johnson's small-government message may play well in a crowded GOP field. However, his anti-war, pro-drug legalization stances may hurt him with hawks and religious conservatives.

It appears that Johnson is planning to announce a Presidential bid in the coming weeks. This would come without a Presidential exploratory committee and would vault him in front of most of the field, as far as timing is concerned.

Though frequently compared with Paul, the libertarian movement’s closest thing to a standard-bearer, Johnson has been distancing himself from the comparison. While they’re both libertarians, Johnson said, his reputation as “Gov. No” is different from Paul’s moniker “Dr. No.” He has emphasized his record as a governor who was prolific in using his veto pen.

“There was a big difference between Ron Paul and me when it came to the ‘no,’” Johnson recently told POLITICO. “His ‘no’ was philosophical. It was reasoned. It was right. My ‘no’ actually put a stop to legislation. It cut spending. Mine carried further than just ‘no.’ I had to follow through with the debate, discussion and dialogue on why my ‘no’ wouldn’t result in people starving, schools being shut down and the delivery of services to the poor wasn’t going to be curtailed.”

This race is becoming more interesting.

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