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Live Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami Coverage Updates (March 11, 2011)

9:01EST- It is being reported that the USS Ronald Reagan swam into a "radioactive cloud" outside of Fukushima.  The ship has now moved farther away from the plant.

5:31AM,EST 3/14-  A third reactor has lost its ability to cool at Fukushima.

10:53EST- A volcano has erupted in Southern Japan.

8:43EST- Sea water is being pumped into the Fukushima nuclear power plant in an attempt to cool the reactor.  It is being called a "last ditch effort" to stave off a meltdown.

8:00EST-  The death toll is feared to now break 10,000.

7:23AM, EST, 3/13- The Japanese PM just spoke to citizens, assuring them that the government is trying their best to help citizens.

11:05PM, EST-  A nuclear meltdown is likely underway at a Japanese power plant.

5:08 AM EST, 3/12- An explosion has been heard at one of Japan's nuclear reactors. This substantially raises fears that the plant will catastrophically meltdown.

8:59EST- Unfortunately, the death toll has eclipsed 1,000.

1:27EST- CNN- "a small radiation leak is possible" from one of Japan's nuclear plants.

1:26EST-A dam has broken in Japan, washing away 1,800 homes.

12:51EST- The death toll has risen to 300, the number of people missing has risen to 500.

12:40 PM EST- President Obama is making a speech right now, but it apparently about green energy, not on the earthquake.

10:39EST-  President Obama just got off the phone with the Prime Minister of Japan.  Details to emerge later.

10:22EST- Increased waves are set to hit western North America at approximately 11am-12pm, based on longitude.

10:11EST-  Boats in the middle of land:
10:08EST- Google Sets Up 2011 Japan Earthquake People Finder.

10:04EST- Several Japanese airports have reopened, solely to support needed medical supplies and needed transportation.

10:00EST- It is now midnight in Japan.

9:58EST-  Footage from CNN shows that parts of Japan are still aflame.

9:40EST-  2,000 people evacuated from Japanese nuclear power plant.  CNN: nuclear fuel not being cooled properly.

9:39EST- U.S. and various other countries issue travel warning about Japan.

9:37EST- The U.S. military in Japan has pledged support for those in need.

9:28EST- U.S. stocks are expected to open lower.

9:22EST- Reports: there have been 80 aftershocks above magnitude 5.0 since the initial quake.

9:21EST-  MSNBC states that it is unlikely that aftershocks will cause additional tsunamis.

9:20EST-  Here are all the pictures of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that Pundit Press has gathered.  It is being updated every few minutes as well.

9:18EST:  MSNBC reports that waves reaching the west coast of North America (Western U.S. specifically) could reach "six to seven feet" in height.

9:15EST- Here is a link to the Red Cross if you want to donate to relief funds.

9:09EST- Reporters in Japan say that the city's transportation has "shut down" because of gridlock, destroyed roads, and cancelled trains and planes.

9:07EST- Japanese police now state that they have found "200-300" bodies.

8:56EST- Watch Live updates from Hawaii:

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

8:51EST-  New reports warn that waves reaching Hawaii now may not be the biggest to arrive.  CNN warns people to be careful not to assume the tsunami is over.

8:47EST-  Officials warn that there could be aftershocks for weeks.

8:43EST-  Reports indicate that the water on the southern shores of Hawaii have only risen two feet.  This is good news.  However, there are no definitive reports about the northern shores.

7:53EST-  CNN meteorologist: incoming tsunami "incredibly, incredibly scary."

7:48EST-  Unfortunately, the death toll has risen to 60.

7:46EST- Official says there are 1,400 coast guardsmen ready to aid people in Hawaii.

7:44EST-  FEMA says that it is ready for any disaster relief needed.

7:37EST- A tsunami swirls off the coast of Japan (several hours ago):
7:34EST- U.S. officials believe that they will be able to "manage" the tsunami.  Navy boats are not leaving harbors in Hawaii.

7:32EST- CNN warns:  the first waves to hit an island or mainland from a tsunami is not necessarily the biggest waves.  Consider it a calm before the storm.

7:30EST-  A crack in the earth:
7:28EST-  Stock Market futures are selling off a fair amount, oil prices fall to less than $100 as focus turns away from Middle East to Japan.

7:26EST- The death toll has risen to 50.

7:25EST- Hospitals, elementary schools reportedly "overwhelmed" by injured, people seeking for safety.

7:22EST- Here is the entirety of President Barack Obama's statement on Japan:
Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the people of Japan, particularly those who have lost loved ones in the earthquake and tsunamis. The United States stands ready to help the Japanese people in this time of great trial. The friendship and alliance between our two nations is unshakeable, and only strengthens our resolve to stand with the people of Japan as they overcome this tragedy. We will continue to closely monitor tsunamis around Japan and the Pacific going forward and we are asking all our citizens in the affected region to listen to their state and local officials as I have instructed FEMA to be ready to assist Hawaii and the rest of the US states and territories that could be affected.
7:19EST- There is now less than 50 minutes to when the tsunami is expected to reach Hawaii.

7:17EST- Beaches have been closed in California.

7:14EST- Reports say that internet is widely still up in Japan, but trains and phones are down in many parts.

7:11EST-  Parts of Indonesia hit with minor tsunami, reported to be slightly less than two feet (half a meter) high.

7:10EST- Parts of Mexico are now included on the tsunami watch, including Cabo San Lucas.

7:08EST- The tsunami warnings for New Zealand and Taiwan has been lifted.

7:07EST- USGS states that the earthquake was officially a magnitude 8.9.

7:04EST- Another eyewitness said that the level of concern was "highly, highly unusual" in Japan.  In other words, the quake was so large, that even people used to earthquakes were upset.  "Children were screaming," she continued.

7:02EST- There are sad reports of dozens upon dozens of people missing.

6:57EST- Hawaii officials have now refined the expected arrival time of tsunami, now say 8:07EST, 3:07am local time.

6:56EST- CNN reports that this is the fifth strongest earthquake since 1900.

6:55EST- Governor of Hawaii tells citizens to take the tsunami warnings seriously.

6:50EST- Vice President of the United States Joe Biden released a statement, which said, in part, "the thoughts and prayers" of the United States are with Japan.

6:48EST- Eyewitnesses state that "you could tell, it was different" when quake struck.  "It was eerie," said one reporter.  "You could not stand up."

6:42EST- CNN states that the tsunami that is expected to strike California will hit at 10:00 EST, 7:00am local time.

6:40EST- Fox News now states that the tsunami that will hit Hawaii is estimated to be half a story high.

6:39EST- The death toll has risen to 44.

6:38EST- Official from Hawaii tells people "not to panic."

6:37EST- Hawaiian officials assure that many of their buildings are tsunami-safe.

6:33EST- A picture of a now-sideways highway:
6:29EST- CNN reports that, in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, the Japanese stock market fell 3%.

6:27EST- The confirmed dead has climbed to 35, and it is feared to rise "significantly."

6:26EST- Hawaii is now evacuating all coasts.

6:24EST- Because of the destruction of Japanese airfields, the U.S. military is now allowing commercial planes to land on their strips.

6:22EST- Conflicting reports about whether "small" islands will be completely washed over by tsunami.  Expert on news now says that that will not happen.

6:19EST-  It is being reported that a tsunami is set to strike Hawaii at approximately 8:00am EST, 3:00am local.

6:18EST-  32 people in Japan are confirmed dead in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

6:16EST-  CNN reports malfunctioning in a nuclear plant, but stresses it is NOT a meltdown, according to the Japanese government.  Government warns people to stay in their home.

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  1. Thank you for the great coverage

  2. Seismic activity is the result of a solar flare on 13-15 February 2011

  3. It happens anytime and anywhere, so be ready anytime...Wherever you go, just pray heartily to our GOD..

  4. When I saw yesterday the live coverage of tsunami in Japan, I can feel that the predictions will happen in reality.. and I'm afraid to that. 2012 is fast approaching. People, lets PRAY and have faith in GOD.